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This is the Corona Chaos Page for Stranded Beginning Percussionists.

Since the Corona Virus is making schools close until the all clear is given, percussion students need to be able to study and practice at home for awhile.   

Sticks on Skins has provided, FREE of charge, the opportunity for beginner percussion students continue to study and practice.  There are eleven episodes of the Sticks on Skins Podcast series that we have posted for any beginning percussion students to watch and learn while at home. Ten are concerning snare and one is for mallets.  

Have fun, PRACTICE and Keep the Beat....Mr. Mac

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To the Band Director or Percussion Director


You need to explain to your students which counting system to use when watching each podcast.

If you want only one of the two stick grips for snare, then tell your student which one to focus upon, otherwise both grips are taught.

There are ten episodes for snare studies and we encourage you to have your students go through these episodes no matter where they are currently at in your year of curriculum.

An explanation of content description is provided for each episode below.  The run time is also provided for each Episode.  Snare episodes will require sticks, a pad, folded up hand towel and or a snare on a stand.  The mallet episode will require a bell set or student line xylophone, a stand and mallets.

To see the episodes, instruct your students to go to -

Sticks on Skins has provided this page section to our web site to provide an outlet for your beginner percussionists to use for continued practice and learning while the Corona Chaos is at hand.  This page will be here until districts have gone back to regular operations.  Please look at the drum books that are located for sale at this web site and read the table of contents for each book. One will see that the content is in depth and what beginners need to know before going on to the next level.  If you feel we have served your program while the Corona Chaos has unfolded please consider putting Sticks on Skins Master Method books into your beginning percussion program for 20-21. Sticks on Skins is here to serve beginning percussionists. 


Episode 1A - Grips and Stroke Motion

Run time is 21:50,   Please do not laugh too hard at my Texas accent.

Episode 5 - Make Note and Rest Flash Cards for Treble and Bass Clef, Time Signature, developing a be

Run Time is 41:14

Episode 6 - Pulsation Counting (for any note that can be held for one beat or longer) & Playing and

Run Time 32:27

Episode 7 - 8th Notes & Quarter Notes

Run Time 30:44

Episode 8 - 8th Notes & Rests

Run Time 40:40 

Episode 9 - Roll Development Exercises & Z rolls

Run Time  42:50

Episode 10A - Dynamics & Basic 16th Notes

Run Time 37:20

Episode 10 B - Eighth Notes/Rests & 16th Notes

Run Time 33:10

Episode 14 - Rudiments - The Rolls - Classical and Rudimental Development

Run Time 28:31

Episode 15 - Thrity second Notes, 8th Note and 16th Note combinations w/ Alternated Sticking and dou

Run Time 53:18

Episode 29 - Explanation of the mallet keyboard and the C Major Scale + Exercises

Run Time 41:54