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Free Lesson Plans

Beginner Drum and Percussion series

SoS has created time saving lesson plans to help Directors and Instructors in the classroom and or the studio.  These lesson plans help the teacher develop a sense of curriculum, pace and structure for the student and the development for the class over a school year.

The lesson plans are based on National Standards and for Texas teachers, TEKS.  If you choose to have us help you, we will access your state's education standards and build a set of lesson plans based on your state's standards.  Those plans will then be emailed to your school's band email for the director.   Pictured is a sample of such type of Lesson Plan.  This is a  weekly based plan and can be done in any manner to help serve your school program.  Just give us the parameters needed to fit your administration's requirements.   


Free Implementation Guides

Custom content guides to fit your program

Every Director and teacher has their own idea of how  to set up the delivery of various levels of curriculum through out a given school year.  Sticks on Skins will assist any director/teacher in helping  that person implement the SoS book materials into the classroom or private setting in a customized design.

Send us your school calendar, classroom time schedule with beginner percussion and we will suggest a customized layout for the entire school year.  If you want to, flip  - flop snare and mallet lessons, after basic fundamentals have been established with grip control and rhythmic reading.

With the increase in pressure from Administrators to supply weekly/daily lesson plans as well as assessed results (grading) guides such as these can prove to be invaluable  to the instructor.

Many band programs wish to have the percussion section working on mallets first and then snare and that is very possible using Sos Master Method, as long as some basic fundamentals of performance are observed for the beginning percussionist.


Answer Keys for Assessment Sections in each chapter


Answer Keys for all educational sections will be emailed to the purchasing school or director at the time the books are shipped to that school program.  SoS will verify the email address for the band program to avoid any creative person trying to get their hands on the Answer Keys lol.

Educational Video Support Clips

Let tech help your classroom

Sticks on Skins will constantly be filming and providing video supports for the classroom or for the Director.  Having taught numerous Percussion methods classes at the college level, I assure you that not everything "percussion" can be taught in one semester, 1 credit hour of undergraduate studies for a music ed. degree.  Young Directors will appreciate having tools that can help them save repair monies from their budget by using these videos.  These can also be used to motivate and train section players, of any grade level, in handling maintenance and upkeep of the percussion instrumentation.  Assigning duties such as these, builds the student responsibility and confidence of the drum program over all and solves many time management issues for the Directors.  In other words your program is creating great Bandurds!!!  


Video Clip of "How to Build a Road Kill Practice Pad

Watch, Learn, Save Money & Have FUN

Private Schools/Homeschools

Additional Information:

If you are a private school and need help establishing a rhythm program for your school, please contact us direct and allow us to help you develop a great rhythmic training program to bring the joy of percussion and melodic music to your students.

If there are challenged children in your classes, allow our experience to help develop programs that can nurture and bring the joy of music into that child's life.

We are here to help so please ask.  If you are a Texas based program, then a site visit can be set up to help any teacher implement the book series.


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All Books were Tested for 2 years in public & private school beginner percussion classes

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