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Mouth No Move, Drum No Play

Mouth No Move, Drum No Play.....Band Directors please use the three line menu icon on your cell phone so you can see all of the information for this web site and each book. Content and samples are provided. Free Lesson Plans.

An Amazing Support Teaching Tool for the Beginning Percussion Classroom or Private Student

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Book 1 - Snare Drum - Classical & Rudimental

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Book 2 - Mallets, Timpani & Percussion

Special Pricing for School Band Programs

If you are a Band Director/Percussion Director/Private Drum Instructor let us know and if you are willing to purchase books1 & 2 in a set for your students then special pricing exists.  Provide us with your 501C3 Tax information from your school district and save even more.  Contact us at or 361-676-4599


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A Heart-felt Congratulations to Texas Tech Band Junior - Jake Henry

Jake has cut his teeth on Sticks on Skins since 6th grade.  He just aspired to the new guru for the Tech drum line, center snare and is the new section leader of ZIT.   This is the example for all young percussionists to follow...Be Like JAKE!